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Orchestrating atmosphere with the music of ANOTHER SIGHT

Lunar Great Wall Studios is delighted to share the latest behind-the-scenes video from ANOTHER SIGHT. Focusing on the soundtrack’s main theme of the upcoming game, this latest video explores the challenges with the recording process and how music can provide atmosphere and enrich the gaming experience.

Another Sight’s main theme is brought to life thanks to the “Orchestra Sinfonica di Salerno – Claudio Abbado”, which provided emotional weight and resonance to the heartfelt tale. The video chronicles the orchestral recording process and speaks to those challenged with bringing Another Sight to life.

Marco Ponte, CEO and Founder of Lunar Great Wall commented: “It is not often that an indie developer such as ourselves, has the opportunity to work with a real orchestra. As our main character is blind, the sound elements for the game have been extremely important to us and we wanted to pursue very detailed and engaging effects.”