Another Sight – The First Review Is In…

Launch is ONE day away and the first reviews for Another Sight are beginning to come in!

This is a small group of the 12 member development team for Another Sight (plus Hodge in the corner…), and we’re on the cusp of releasing our game experience to all of you and we only hope that you will all find something to enjoy in our game made from the heart.

Today, we’re very delighted as reviews are starting to come in as we prepare to open the floodgates and we’re very proud of the first review which has landed!

The folks over at The Games Machine (in Italy) have given Another Sight an 8.7/10!

“Another Sight deserves all your attention and proves to be one of the most interesting Italian productions ever”

You can read the full review right here!

We’ll be back with a full review wrap up just after launch, so make sure to stay tuned!