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It’s an exciting time for everyone here at Lunar Great Wall Studios as we FINALLY get to share the first project we’ve been passionately working on bringing to life, called – ANOTHER SIGHT.

Another Sight is inspired by the tone of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere and puts you in the role of Kit and Hodge – the girl and her mysterious cat companion must work together to find their way home. Each has their own unique attributes the will help you overcome the world and its many challenges.

Another Sight is set towards the end of the Victorian era, and whilst exploring the ‘in-construction’ London Underground, Kit falls victim to a terrible tunnel collapse, leaving her blind and alone – that is until a mysterious cat (your soon to be friend called Hodge) finds you and becomes your guide, providing ‘Another Sight’ into the world and helps Kit perceive the world in many different ways.

Through your adventure below London,, you’ll encounter some of the greatest long gone minds of our time, including Claude Monet – what is this mysterious underground society of minds and where do Kit and Hodge fit in all of this?

Many questions, much intrigue, now please enjoy our debut trailer!